Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
Chapter 4-4 (Delta)

In August 2008 at the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA), Chapter 4-2’s All Patriots Run in Camdenton, MO, some of the full members from the St. Louis Metro Area talked about the concept of creating a formal presence of the CVMA in Eastern Missouri since the closest CVMA Chapter was based in Lake of the Ozarks.  With permission from Darryl “Cutter” Hartung, Commander of CVMA Chapter 4-2, these full members lead by started contacting other full members in Eastern Missouri about starting a Detachment.

In September 2008, 19 CVMA, Chapter 4-2 meet in O’Fallon, IL for a POW/MIA Ceremony.  Afterwards, they all got together and collectively decided to request to form a Detachment of CVMA, Chapter 4-2 based out of the St. Louis Metro Area.  Their request was quickly approved and CVMA, Chapter 4-2, Detachment 1 was established with the founding 9 full members (Richard “HogHead” Crouch, Michael Brundage,  William “Rescue 7” Hancock, John “White Lightning” Ray, Terry “Snowhite” Martin, Mike “Bear” Luxton, Rickey “Niner” Stubbs, and Larry “Ocho” Seward) and 3 auxiliary members (Pam “CrackHead” Brundage, Peggy “Thunder” Ray, and ).  Upon being recognized as a Detachment, the full members held a vote and elected  as the Commander of CVMA, Chapter 4-2, Detachment 1.
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